2Nova Interactive

2Nova Interactive provides digital marketing and product development services.
We believe in synergy and combine best practices from both fields in our work.
We strive to be leaders in what we do.

  • We cover

    • Digital Marketing
    • Digital Campaigns
    • Mobile & Web (Platforms / Applications)
    • Social Media
    • Digital out of Home (Entertainment / Services)
    • Products & Services
    • Mobile & Web (Platforms / Applications)
    • e-Commerce
  • We do

    • Strategy
    • Analytics
    • Creative ideas
    • UX design
    • Prototyping
    • Design
    • Development
    • Media planning & management
    • Technical support
    • Research & Development


Digital marketing is our way to build a new culture of interaction between people and brands. Product development is an entrepreneurial sport we simply enjoy. Product or service can be part of brand expansion strategy as well as core business for our clients.

Technological approach

The company originates from the leading IT University of Russia. From the first days we solve complex technology problems and invest in R&D to offer our clients a cutting edge expertise.

  • Platforms

    • Web
    • Social networks (Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter etc.)
    • iOS, Android, Windows Phone
    • Desktop Applications
    • Touch and multitouch booths and tables
    • Robotics
  • Technologies

    • Web (php, mysql, nosql, js, html5, nginx)
    • Flash, Air, Flash 3D, Unity 3D
    • 3D Graphics (OpenGL, DirectX)
    • Java, Objective-C
    • Physics simulation and parallel computing
    • Augmented Reality
    • Leap Motion, Kinect, Computer Vision